Frank's Philosophy

My current interests involve neuro-plasticity and learning. Many people can learn their way out of pain. I don’t do bodywork or work on body parts. Instead, I work on the integration of whole body actions, for example; someone might present a knee problem, pain, a loss of movement. I look at the posture and disposition of the person and assess their movement blind spots, then help them learn what new actions/movements they could perform that would help restore lost function and alleviate their pain. I work with people in any kind of condition or with any skill set.  I work with athletes, athletic trainers and coaches.  Also, musicians, artists, and people struggling with movement issues stemming from pain problems, injury or aging. I travel nationally and internationally as educational director and trainer for 4 year long Professional Training Programs, but I do have time devoted to my private practice in California and I always welcome new clients.


Please call my private line, (510) 527-7198 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Note: Before the appointment, we will need to have some conversation over the phone.


"I’ve held a private practice in Berkeley, California for over 40 years. Although this makes me sound ancient, luckily years of experience have bred some wisdom."

Frank Wildman, Ph.D., Founder and educational director of The Movement Studies Institute



Shout Outs From Frank's Clients

"Dr. Frank Wildman brings an innate talent combined with great depth experience to his artistry of healing the body.

He works like a sculptor with ongoing patience, carefulness, and uncanny accuracy. he also understands how the psyche and the body interplay: the body cradling the psyche and the psyche inhabiting the body. A gem of a practitioner, teacher!"

—Isabella S., Psychologist


"Frank Wildman is an amazing practitioner. He can make your body feel like you're in the best shape of your life. Great for athletes! Great for those wanting to just feel the best they can at any age."

—Maddy D., author, researcher and presenter


"As a practitioner myself, I have referred several clients to Frank Wildman. I, and some of his former students refer to him as ‘eagle eye.’ His ability to see what a client needs to learn is unprecedented. He’s able to assess the situation quickly and create a very effective strategy to address whatever the issues."

—Viviana D., GCFP