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What is Intelligent Body Movement?

It begins with attention. Attention can lead to awareness. And awareness can be learned. With awareness, we gain the ability to sense basic habits of movement, unrealized tension and stress. Learning to use our mind is learning to use our body differently. This is because our minds are embodied no matter how much we would like to escape or ignore that fact.

Dr. Frank Wildman's Intelligent Body Movement is a means of resolving painful issues that we consider to be either mental, emotional, or physical. But cognition is a process; it's not a thing that takes place solely in the brain. We can think best with our whole body.

Our body and mind are not integrated, they are not connected, they are not wedded to each other at all. This is because they are part of the same biological process. Our neurons are constantly influenced by our digestion, our sleep habits, our movements, and our interactions with other in the world. There is no need to connect the mind and body.

Intelligent Body Movement improves coordination, posture, dexterity, and suppleness. You can alleviate your pain by minimizing physiological and psychological stress associated with restricted movement habits.

This system of neuro-movement addresses unconscious habits of inefficient movement, excessive tension, compromised self-expression, and forgotten ways of feeling through precisely programmed movement experiences of an interesting and unusual nature. The use of touch and one-on-one, hands-on movement lessons allow the client or student to have access to both psychological and physical experiences that they may not be able to access by themselves.

The integration of the body and mind enables people to live more comfortable and rewarding lives. With improved efficiency comes greater enjoyment and pleasure in daily living. Ordinary problems associated with the work place or caused by aging are remedied. Persons with orthopedic or neurological problems experience wonderful therapeutic benefits. Meanwhile athletes, actors, dancers and musicians substantially improve their performance skills through Intelligent Body Movement.

This movement system is not intended to cure disease or disabilities. Instead, it is an effective way to learn about and improve physical limitations through freedom of movement. Because the Intelligent Body Movement provides relief from many ailments caused by various neurological or physical disorders, it enhances the quality of living.

These techniques are widely used in physical therapy and occupational therapy. From common problems such as muscle injuries, back pain and arthritis, to more complex cases involving learning disabilites, pediatrics and gerontology, Intelligent Body Movement offers a highly effective form of therapy.

Dr. Wildman developed Intelligent Body Movement over 40 years of working with clients, students, and medical and other professionals. He draws from the work of and was close associates of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, the greatest movement scientist of the 20th century; Dr. Stanley Keleman, the founder of somatic psychotherapy; Anna Halprin, a world-renowned pioneer of dance theatre; among others.

Dr. Wildman devotes his time to training people in his method and working privately with clients ranging from those challenged by severe pain issues to those seeking enhanced performance.

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